Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nashville CSA Experience 2006 - 2008


(Originally posted here on 6/19/08.)

Huz and I joined another CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) this year and have been receiving freshly picked, organic, local produce for three weeks now. I love it. Every Monday after work I go to the pick-up spot and pull dirt-laden veggies out of baskets and put them into my own. It was off-putting at first, getting my hands so dirty, but I've come to really like the gritty feel of soil because it reminds me of where my food comes from. Forget the pristine, chlorine-sprayed grocery store produce neatly packaged in plastic wrap. It's not real to me that way; it feels like produced, plastic Barbie food. I prefer knowing that the vegetables my family eats are picked the day before by local farmers who care about the produce and the land that they tend. Further, the flavors of fresh produce are beyond compare. Who knew that lettuce actually has flavor? It tastes like spring and makes my mouth a happy place. This article I read this morning talks about garlic scapes which is a common CSA veggie in early harvest. If you have a chance to join a farm, I highly recommend it, even if only for a year. The experience is well worth it.


(Originally posted here on 9/24/06.)

Dude. I'm up to 39 dead fruit flies now and I haven't even added more booze or soap to the dish. This is the best bug-killing method, EVER.

Don't you love it when you have a new couple over to your house and you end up laughing and sharing like you've known each other for years? I do. Huz made a kick ass meal, as usual, for our new friends last night which included roasted pork tenderloin in a mushroom gravy, butternut squash and red pepper casserole, and broccoli rabe from our CSA. It was magical. Good food set atop a nicely laid out table with freshly pressed linens and flickering candles in amber glass; laughter and good natured bantering between spouses; red wine warming our throats on its way down; sharing our his/herstory which reminds me of just how special my marriage really is; being affirmed that photography may just be something I'm good was just lovely.


(Originally posted here on 6/28/06.)

I really enjoy belonging to a CSA. Check out the awesome organic veggies we got last weekend (Why so much? Cuz we got our friends' share while they're Down Under.)

Vegetable Still Life

New Potatoes

Row of Carrots

Green Beans


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